Friday, April 24, 2015

My Time at Flirty Girl Fitness

I purchased a Groupon for a one month trial membership at this popular Chicago women’s fitness center for $49. Typically the prices range from $25 (one class) to unlimited monthly memberships of $109, $149 and $199 (class punch cards of 5, 10 and 20 also available). Get more information about pricing here

Despite the outrageous membership prices, this fitness center has a lot to offer starting with valet. All three memberships include complimentary valet parking in the busy Lincoln Park location. Otherwise, non-members can valet for $5 which isn't too bad considering in this neighborhood it’s all metered parking. The staff was friendly, instructors very knowledgeable and the decor absolutely fabulous.  Decorated with pink and black accents on the walls and crystal looking chandeliers there’s a cocktail bar and mani/pedi stations. Several lounge seating areas line the facility offering eye appealing places to wait on classes or rest. Even the restrooms/locker rooms are complete with pink towels, plush seating and a blow dry bar.

There is a cardio and weight room but they are known for their “flirty” classes. With over 35 classes, one of their most popular is Pole Dancing; both pole classes I attended were full. They like to book those to the max leaving participants having to share poles at times which I’m not a fan of. Not only does that limit the time you’re actually working out but if I’m paying $109 per month, I’d expect a smaller class size where I can work out the entire hour. The two instructors were fabulous and the music was great. I couldn't have asked for more.

Overall the place is nothing short of a girl’s dream workout destination. I will definitely be attending drop in classes here and there but unfortunately the membership isn't in my budget (I actually wonder who can afford between $ 109-$199 a month to work out). One thing that is missing is the ease of the last minute workout. I understand having to pre-register for classes is a necessary evil due to class popularity but there’s something to be said for being able to pop up and attend class like say your local LA Fitness.

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