Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good Buy or Good Bye: Oil Absorbing Sheets

My skin pretty much does whatever it wants. But one thing is for certain - I am always oily. I have tried everything from translucent powder to paper towels to dull the midday shine. So I decided to buy these oil absorbing sheets that I have been using for a while now.

The sheets come in a small-sized cardboard packaging that's the size of a credit card so it fits into a cosmetic bag easily. These little sheets are pretty pricey. I spent about $4 for 50 sheets of the Walgreen's brand. Everyone makes them though. But I must say it does the job! I love these little things. The sheets are blue and as you use them the blue turns translucent so you can see how much oil is there. I like this brand because the paper isn't loud and crinkly so everyone doesn't have to be in your business.

I say this product is a Good Buy!

Good Buy or Good Bye: Neosporin Lip Health

This chapstick (also known as daily hydration therapy) is supposed to hydrate and give you healthier lips in three days. I have been using it now for three days and can say it's helped a little. My lips feel softer after applying and when it's been on for a few minutes. But like all chapsticks, once it dries out you have to re-apply to get that soft feeling again. I will give it points for not having a wierd smell. It has a pleasant citrus fragrance.

So, would I recommend? For $4.90 a tube I will have to say save a few bucks and stick with what you are already using. There is also a night version of the Neosporin Lip Health. Maybe that one delivers...

I say this product gets a Good Bye!