Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving

I just love this pink nail polish from Hard as Nails. I don't remember where or when I purchased it but I love discovering something new that I already own. Looks great on my hands! 

I am just now discovering this great site! I am currently obsessed with winter boots and Zappos has a great selection. Not to mention free shipping both ways. You gotta love that!

Speaking of boots, I just love these purple suede Sorel boots I bought from Marshall's for just $40! They are the most comfortable pair of boots I currently own.

I recently found my new fav martini lounge here in Chicago called Martini Ranch. I had the most unbelievable peach martini. It was made with peach puree which obviously makes the drink very creamy like and thick. Not bad for happy hour special!
I love these fruit twists! They are one serving of your daily fruit. And the best part is they are naturally strawberry flavored and don't taste healthy or odd. I bought these from target for a few bucks. They also sell them at Costco.  

**Thanks Jennifer J. for the idea

Friday, January 27, 2012

Back from Hiatus

It's been a while since my last post. I am now writing from my new home in Chicago. The past months have been spent moving, getting settled and recovering mentally. The biggest changes for me have been not only moving from the warm Texas heat to the freezing snow, but also spending everyday with my hunny. It has been refreshing once again being in a new, big city that is full of so many new adventures waiting for me to discover.

So in January of this new year, 2012, I will be living life to the fullest. With that comes a few new changes to my blog. I will be beginning a new segment called "City Adventures". I want to not only share my experiences traveling and trying new things, but also create a place where I can document and always remember the great things from my life at this point. You can look forward to being exposed to restaurants, new cities and activities. With that, Happy (belated) New Year!!

Have any great Chicago experiences to share?