Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In Honor of My Grandmother

It's been a year since my grandmother left this earth to live in Heaven with God and the love of her life, my grandpa, L.B.

My granny, Henrietta Anderson, was a great mom, friend, grandmother, sister, wife and aunt. She was also one of the best and sweetest people I've known. With a heart of gold, she was a care taker and truly selfless. We had a special relationship that I will always treasure. I will miss her cooking advice. Fortunately I'm named after her so I will always carry a piece of her throughout my life.

She LOVED to fish and hunt and was a league champion bowler at one point. She was the best cook and really good at recycling left overs to make a completely new meal. I always admired her strength and sense of humor. She had just celebrated her 74th birthday a week before she passed.

I created this video montage in her honor. Something I can look back on when I'm desperate to see her face and hear her voice. To the woman who helped my mom raise me...