Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book Review: Vixen Diaries

Vixen Diaries is the follow-up to Confessions of a Video Vixen by Karrine Steffans. As a refresher, Karrine is the ex video model/celebrity groupie that wrote a tell all book outing her famous lovers. Some include Jay-z, Ray J, Bobby Brown, and the list goes on. As a fan of the first book, it was entertaining and kept my attention. As a matter of fact I read the book in one sitting. While at a book store the other day I saw the follow up and it was on sale from $24.99 to $5.98. So why not right?..... Wrong. I should have saved my money and bought me meal from McDonald's.

Not only does she not really name many new lovers, the ones she did name I had to google and find out they were famous back in the 90's. She spends a majority of the time talking about how much money confessions made her, all her new possessions and says she is a New York Times best selling author(to many times to count). She brings up not wanting to tell her friends of the things she can now afford because she doesn't want to make them feel jealous. Really?? She has to remember she's famous for telling all. No one cares about her day to day happenings.

Here's a little exert from her book, chapter 13, to give you an idea what you're in for if you decide to read this book.

"My birthday present to myself in August 2006 was the purchase of my first
home. The million-dollar property sits on a hillside, which I also own, and
offers spacious living quarters and over twenty-three thousand square feet of
land... but I still look forward to the purchase of my next home, which will
have to be bigger and better, naturally. That's always been one of my foibles-
I have a hard time appreciating where I am and what I have, not because I am
ungrateful but because I always want more."

This book was extra boring. I only hope she is saving because money does run out. Especially when you're not famous for having any talent. I guess it says something when a book originally priced at $24.99 is then on clearance for $5.98. My only question is what do you do with a book that you hate? Use it as a coaster?