Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good Buy or Good Bye: Oil Absorbing Sheets

My skin pretty much does whatever it wants. But one thing is for certain - I am always oily. I have tried everything from translucent powder to paper towels to dull the midday shine. So I decided to buy these oil absorbing sheets that I have been using for a while now.

The sheets come in a small-sized cardboard packaging that's the size of a credit card so it fits into a cosmetic bag easily. These little sheets are pretty pricey. I spent about $4 for 50 sheets of the Walgreen's brand. Everyone makes them though. But I must say it does the job! I love these little things. The sheets are blue and as you use them the blue turns translucent so you can see how much oil is there. I like this brand because the paper isn't loud and crinkly so everyone doesn't have to be in your business.

I say this product is a Good Buy!

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  1. Well,well,well!! What do we have here!! I LOVE your blog! I never knew you wrote so well! I'm right there with you on the oily skin, especially for me around my t-zone.I'll tell you my best kept secret, but shhhhh! What really works wonders for me, is MAC's Prep and Prime skin refined zone. It's amazing, although pretty pricey as well,(19.50) it is a well worth it investment! You use just a dot and put it where your oily! Shabam!!! Seven hours later and not a spot of oil on my skin. You should really try it out! Here is the link: