Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good Buy or Good Bye: Mainstay candles

Yesterday I was reading an article in Real Simple Magazine (my fav of the moment) on how to energize your morning. It talked about the aromatherapy powers citrus has on getting our endorphins going in the morning. So I rushed to Walmart to pick up citrus candles, body wash and roses for my night stand. I'm a Bath and Body Works candle kind of girl but I was pleasantly surprised to see Walmart offers small scented candles for one dollar.

There are soo many different fragrances it was hard to choose from. Well let me tell you... the cranberry mandarin scent I purchased is AMAZING! I had it lit this morning while getting ready for work and it smelled amazing! I have also had it lit for a while this evening and from what I can see so far, it burns pretty even. So my new find is definately a "Good Buy".

I'm planning on purchasing a few of these to slip into my suitcase for my summer vacation destinations. What a perfect way to liven up a hotel room!

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