Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Having patience and being grateful are things I have to constantly work on. Like lots of people I know, I'm not where I want to be in life. This applies in my career, relationships, financially, spiritually (basically every aspect of my life it appears). I always imagined entering my 30's would mean I'd have things figured out or at least would be close to living a fulfilling life.

Well I'm here and I'm not. 

I spoke with a 76 year old woman today and listened as she told me about the recent surgery she endured to remove cancer and ulcers from her stomach. Her entire stomach was removed and the doctors had to connect her esophagus to her intestines. She went on to say her mother who was 96 yrs passed recently as well. As I listened to her tell me about all the things she is going through I realized my measly issues regarding building my savings account and sticking to my daily caloric intake is just that: insignificant. 

Turning 30 is the start of a new decade not the end of life. It's time for me to take a step back and realize that life is a journey. If I was where I wanted to be by age 30 there would be no room to grow. Although there are many things I want for my life, there's much to be thankful for. There are many lessons I've learned and ways I've grown from the many places I've lived and many different people I've crossed paths with. I'm rich with life experience and that is something to be proud of as I move along in my journey. 

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