Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cars Don't Drive Themselves: A Miraculous Event

A couple of weeks ago us Chicagoans received another landmark snowfall of over 8 inches overnight. The next morning I got in my Hyundai Veloster, backed out of my parking spot and reversed onto the fresh snow free of tire marks in the parking lot behind my apartment complex. At that moment I realized I would have trouble driving through the fluffy smooth snow that hadn't been touched by a plow. My small car had been having trouble making its way through the snow and the large wheels weren't getting any traction through the snow.

I sat in my car for twenty minutes trying to get it to budge but there was no way around the snow and no where to go. It wasn't moving an inch and the wheels were just turning over and over. I was also blocking two other cars and knew I had to get out of their way soon. I called my job to let them know I'd be really late and sat in my car in drive but not touching the wheel. After another two minutes of drawing a blank, my car started driving on its own. My foot wasn't anywhere near the gas and my hands weren't touching the steering wheel. I watched in awe and frozen in the moment as my car continued to smoothly glide through the mounds of snow on it's own for another 50 yards (or half a football field). I placed my hands on the wheel but was afraid by applying any pressure to the gas I would interfere with the miraculous event that was taking place. My car finally came to a stop on the side of my huge apartment building near the only smooth flat snow less area big enough for a car to rest and be out of the way. It took me another few minutes to get my car to move over the few inches onto that smooth area. I sat in amazement for a moment before exiting my car and going back inside.

Two and a half hours later finally on my way to work I lost control of my car when making a right turn into work and hit the short median pretty hard. I was in tears thinking of the damage I'd just done to my new car and continued to drive to a parking spot. After getting out to asses the damage there wasn't a scratch, dent or smudge anywhere on my car. I also later found out that not only would my two and a half hours be excused but I would also get paid for the missing time.

I honestly don't remember pleading for God's help, but on this day, God knew what I needed just when I needed it and he was there doing the unimaginable for one of his children before I even asked. I will never forget the awesome things that happened on this day and the way God showed himself to me. I know this message was meant to speak to me in another area of my life. God sure does know how to get my attention.

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