Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Soap Making Class

I saw an introductory soap making class featured on Groupon and of coarse I had to purchase it. The class lasted about two and a half hours and was a unique experience. As a class (of four) we were given a history of soap and educated on each ingredient. There are different processes of making soap. But to me the most authentic is the cold process where the soap base is made from scratch.

The instructor walked us through each step and allowed us to choose the scents. We poured the soap mixture into a mold and allowed it to set for the remainder of the class. As we left we were instructed to let the soap sit in the mold for another twenty four hours. Even after the soap is removed from the mold, it can't be used for a couple weeks. I think this class sparked an interest in soap making for me. I purchased a starter kit that includes all the essentials to get started. I look forward to start my new habit and perhaps even have some giveaways in the future!

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