Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recipe Review

A couple days ago I did a post on the spaghettini recipe I came accross online. Today I decided to try it and let me tell you... it was great! The flavors of the bacon, basil and garlic really come through in this dish. One thing I noted was to use a little less olive oil than the recipe calls for. The parmesan was a great touch. The following are the ingredients. Follow the link in the following post to watch the video.

>3 or 4 pieces of bacon (I use more because I really like the bacon flavor)
>1 clove of garlic
>4 or 5 basil leaves
>1 cup baby tomatos (cut in fours)
>Spaghetti pasta
>Olive Oil

This recipe is really simple and the amount of the ingredients you use is really up to your taste buds and what you like.

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