Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving

I just love this pink nail polish from Hard as Nails. I don't remember where or when I purchased it but I love discovering something new that I already own. Looks great on my hands! 

I am just now discovering this great site! I am currently obsessed with winter boots and Zappos has a great selection. Not to mention free shipping both ways. You gotta love that!

Speaking of boots, I just love these purple suede Sorel boots I bought from Marshall's for just $40! They are the most comfortable pair of boots I currently own.

I recently found my new fav martini lounge here in Chicago called Martini Ranch. I had the most unbelievable peach martini. It was made with peach puree which obviously makes the drink very creamy like and thick. Not bad for happy hour special!
I love these fruit twists! They are one serving of your daily fruit. And the best part is they are naturally strawberry flavored and don't taste healthy or odd. I bought these from target for a few bucks. They also sell them at Costco.  

**Thanks Jennifer J. for the idea

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  1. Great post! OK, what's the name of that pink polish? It's so pretty! Cute boots and those fruit twists look good! Never seem those before.